Indian Delights

Indulge in homemade authentic vegetarian Indian cuisine, made fresh for any occasion. You won’t be able to get this in any takeaways!

Bollywood Beats

(Most popular, great for Health, Well-being and Physical Education) Get twisting those light bulbs and shrugging those shoulders! With our unique Bollywood scarves, instruments and fun choreography, participants will explore the vibrant attributes of Bollywood dance whilst working together in groups to create their very own Bollywood performance.

Henna Hand

Get pupils focusing and connecting with their inner creativity! From learning about the history of Henna painting to constructing their own applicators, children will have the chance to create their own authentic, artistic Henna designs. Great for relaxation!

Hinduism/Festivals of India

Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Dashera, Independence Day, you name it! RuShee deliver fantastic workshops designed by qualified Primary School Teachers!

Rangoli Art

Discover the mathematical element in one of India’s most famous Art forms; the Rangoli Pattern. Participants will have the chance to experiment with assorted materials to create their own patterns.

Dress-up/ Drama

Choose from a wardrobe of Indian costumes and attire to get your class experiencing a day in an Indian village or their very own Bollywood movie!